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Tatiana Ashakova is an internationally acclaimed make-up artist and hair designer who currently lives in Berlin and works around Europe as a destination bridal stylist. She has over 15 years of experience working in fashion industries both in Russia (Moscow) the UK and Germany. 


She has a strong background in visual Arts that enables her to implement her creative ideas easily.

Tatiana's work experience spreads across fashion field in different countries and her unique and client orientated approach proved to be very welcomed by an international celebrity clientele. 

Tatiana's international experience and her sharp eye to details and excellent creative skills makes her a sought after professional .

But most importantly she knows how to enhance a beauty of a person.

With degrees in Interpreting (Moscow) and International Fashion Marketing (Glasgow) she speaks three languages (English, German and Russian).
In 2011 the BRIDES Magazine UK recommended her as the best bridal stylist in Scotland.
She is also a designer of her headwear brand BeretkAh...!, that offers a wide range of stylish and unique headpieces for any brides' choice.


Joyce Young / By Storm (The UK)
Hawick Cashmere (The UK)

Stoer Cosmetics (The UK)
Euan McWhirter (The UK)
The Royal Caribbean (The UK)
Russian Gold (RU)
Unistream Bank (RU)
The Corset Story (The UK)
Quantal (DE)
The Euro Millionaire (The UK)
JFK salon for BHA (The UK)


Beatrice von Treskow (The UK)

Felicita Design (DE)

Love Circus Bash

Wedding Soiree